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The Joint Medicines Formulary provides information on the medicines which are available for use within Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG.

The formulary is divided into sections based on the 15 BNF categories. Where appropriate the formulary makes recommendations as to which products should be used as first or second line treatments. It also details products that are restricted and what the restrictions are.

The traffic light systems shows which medicines are available only from the hospital (red), those which should be started in hospital but can be continued in primary care (amber), those which should be started in hospital and can only be transferred into primary care if a Shared Care Guideline is in place (amber SCG) and those which can be started in primary care (green). Treatment advice notes rather than prescriptions should be used for all green medicines for out patients unless they are required urgently to start within 7 days.

The formulary is not intended to provide detailed prescribing information for individual medicines. For full prescribing information please check the links on each drug which will direct you to the British National Formular pillsy, the British National Formulary for Children and the Summary of Product Characteristics. These resources should be used in conjunction with the formulary when prescribing medicines.

There are also links to the NICE guidance where applicable.

Requests for new medicines to be added to the formulary can be made by hospital consultants only and must be agreed, if appropriate, by the Trust's Drug and Therapeutics Committee before they can be added.

Enquiries regarding the formulary within Airedale NHS Foundation Trust should be directed to the pharmacy department.

Enquiries regarding the formulary within the CCG should be directed to the medicines management team.

All material in this section is aimed at health professionals, but is information currently held within the public domain.   Members of the public seeking advice on medicine-related matters are encouraged to speak with their GP, pharmacist or nurse, or contact NHS Direct on 111

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