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Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG
 Formulary Chapter 18: Emergency Treatment of Poisoning - Full Section

Digoxin-specific antibody fragments are kept at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. For information on how to obtain it refer to the following SOP Procedure for Obtaining Antidotes and Their Stock Location (ANHSFT access only)

The following antidotes are kept supra-regionally, at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Botulinum antitoxin
Sodium calcium edetate injection
DMSA (succimer) capsules
DMPS (unithiol) injection and capsules
Berlin Blue soluble (Prussian Blue) capsules
Dimercaprol (BAL) injection

For information on how to obtain one of these antidotes, refer to the SOP for Accessing rarely used antidotes - Procedure for Hospitals within the Yorkshire Region.

Medical staff should consult Toxbase ( , the British National Formulary (BNF) and/or the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) for further information including dosage and indications.

National Poisons Information Service (health professionals only): 0344 892 0111.

Glucarpidase is available from the manufacturer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consult the above SOP for information on how to obtain it.

Antivenoms - Exotic species are held at two main sites for the country. Access is available, but clinical authorisation is required. Consult the NPIS for further advice.

Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
18 Poisoning (0,0)
Body Temperature (0,0)
Nerve agents (1,0)
Pesticides (0,0)
Snake bites and animal stings (0,0)
Convulsion (0,0)
Removal and Elimination (0,0)
Removal from the Gastro-intestinal tract (0,0)
Prevention of absorption (0,0)
Active elimination techniques (0,0)
Specific Drugs (0,0)
Alcohol (0,0)
Analgesics (non-opioid) (0,0)
Analgesics (opioid) (0,0)
Antidepressants (0,0)
Antimalarials (0,0)
Beta Blockers (0,0)
Calcium-channel blockers (0,0)
Hypnotics and anxiolytics (0,0)
Iron Salts (0,0)
Lithium (0,0)
Phenothiazines and related drugs (0,0)
Stimulants (0,0)
Theophylline (0,0)
Other poisons (6,0)
Cyanides (8,0)
Ethylene glycol and methanol (1,0)
Heavy Metals (6,0)
Noxious gases (0,0)
CS Spray (0,0)